Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ancient Bronze Mirrors from Ancient China

This erotic Mirror is dated from Southern Song's dynasty ( 1127AD to 1279AD ) The rounded shape is about 21.1cm with 0.5 cm thickness. Market price is US$800 due to its erotic design uniqueness.

This Rounded Mirror is dated from Warring States period ( 476BC to 221BC) Size is : 31.3cm about 0.5cm thickness.

The market price is worth : US$1,200

This Squarish Mirror is dated from Warring States Period ( 476BC to 221BC ) Square Shape : 16.4cm. About 0.5cm thickness.

This is worth : US$1,200 in the market.

This Mirror is a flower shape from the Tang Dynasty ( 618AD to 907AD ). Size of Mirror : 21.1 cm. This is worth : US$800 in the market.

Note: Most of these mirrors are very heavy made from Solid Bronze in polished finishing.

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