Monday, April 13, 2009


For Wearer's Height : 165cm ~160cm tall
This set is recommended for married women
Length: 165cm ( 65inches)
Breath: 66cm ( 26inches)
Material : Pure SILK
Family Montsuki Crest: YES
Designer piece: Designer Seal
Weight: 1020 grams
(Weighted even lighter than the Fukuro Obi.)

What is an Official Kimono?
There are two types of Official Kimono that are Black Kimono and Color-Kimono. On both types, patterns are restricted to the panels below Fukuro-Obi sash. Black Kimono is the most formal Kimono for married women, and its name "Kuro-Kimono"(black Kimono) is a shortened form of "Itsutsu-Montsuki-Susomoyo-Kimono"(Bottom patterned short-sleeve with 5 crests), and its name,"Black Kimono", has its roots in cutting off the swinging sleeves of unmarried women's formal Kimono. It's also believed that the first Kanji character, "Tome" whose meaning is "stay" comes from the sense that married women stay in the husband's family. Whether the wearer is married or not, Colored-Kimono can be worn as the most formal dress. One with 5 crests ranks as high as black Kimono. Even if it has one or three crests, it still can be worn as the highest dress among pre-formal dresses at a wide range of occasions. At the events of Imperial Palace, black Kimono is forbidden to wear and attendants must wear Colored Kimono instead.

The Sakura flowers are gold and silver silk-embossed giving you a touch of a 3-D felt.

This silk fabric material comes with flowers and squarish pattern shapes.

This is the Designer's Seal.
Proven to be a designer's kimono.

which is imprinted at the behind collar

This is a beautiful Pure Silk Fukuro Obi.
Material: Pure SILK
Length: 163inches ( 414cm)
Breath: 12.25 inches ( 31cm)
Weight: 1230 grams

This is the Obiage and the Obijime.
It comes in a set.
Material: shiny orange color pure silk
Weight: 100grams
This is to tie over the Fukuro Obi.

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